Dare to be great
The wait is over, who is ready to #beatthesweat? The t-shirts have been sent out, delivered and are ready to wear. The only thing left to do is sweat it out for 30 days (at home), and remember, do not throw your t-shirt into the laundry basket! 

‘Dare to be Great’ campaign 

This all sounds a bit smelly but let Micro-Fresh® take care of that. As part of our ‘Dare to be great’ fitness campaign, we have sent out over 100 gym t-shirts incorporated with Micro-Fresh® technology and have asked for people to work out in their t-shirt for 30 days, without washing it. This seems unheard of, but our campaign is here to prove it will have no bad odour after the 30-day challenge. With the help of Olympic medallist Joel Fearon, models, personal trainers and many others, we want to prove Micro-Fresh® technology in sportswear will change the future of your workouts. As Jigna Varu, CCO of Micro-Fresh® rightly said, ‘sportswear shouldn’t have to smell.’ 
stay fresh

Why not? 

That is a big statement to make, but our mantra at Micro-Fresh® is ‘why not.’ When you start to question this, it may appear ridiculous yet there is some truth in it. Why not stop smelly workouts? Why not create sportswear that doesn’t smell when exercising? Micro-Fresh® want to raise the standard of living. It is not only about when you’re working out, but your whole day. Those on the go having to juggle early morning workouts and getting to work for 9am, sometimes have no time to shower. Well you can jump straight onto the daily commute or wherever you need to go after your workout because with Micro-Fresh® technology, you won’t stink. ‘You can even go on a date after a workout,’ says Jigna. 

No more smelly sessions 

During a workout, sweat is inevitable. This leads to bad odour which causes bacteria. Simply put, our anti-bacterial technology prevents the growth of odour causing bacteria, keeping sportswear fresher for longer. When washing sportswear, regular and high temperature washing to remove bacteria can ruin the fabric. With Micro-Fresh® technology, sportswear will last for up to 50 washes, it can be washed on cold temperatures and you can experience the freshness without washing post 30-days! Essentially, we want to change the sportswear market. 
Here’s the thing, it is only possible if you dare to be great. If you’re not taking part in the campaign, there are other ways! Be sure to follow our Instagram, LinkedIn and keep checking this page for an update on how the participants are getting on! 
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