Summer holidays are great! But one thing that we can all agree on is how quickly they pass. Where does the time go? Parents have to get prepping for children’s uniforms, school shoes, and other essentials - back to school is a very busy period for everyone. 
Back to school also means there is a lot of expenditure involved. It has been stated that in early July, 25% shoppers have already started shopping for back to school, with 84% of shoppers predicting prices to be high in the back-to-school shopping this year. Since 2019 there has been a rise in prices, reflecting on shoppers wanting to buy new items for clothing and accessories, school supplies, shoes, electronics, and furniture. 
Kids… when they are at school, they’re having so much fun, it’s no surprise they forget about their surroundings. What does this lead to by the end of the day? MESS!! Messy uniforms, messy shoes, and even messy faces. With children getting messy, this means uniforms start to smell more, which means more washes - uniforms by Charles Kirk are infused with Micro-Fresh® technology, keeping children’s uniforms fresher for longer and preventing the growth of odour-causing bacteria. 
Although uniforms get messy, they can easily be thrown in the washing machine to solve the problem. However, with shoes, a lot more damage happens, and it is a lot harder to keep them looking clean and new. What really happens to your shoes when children go to school and play around? They get muddy, worn out, outgrown and the main one as we know - shoes get smelly! Especially for kids, they are doing activities and running around like headless chickens, which involve their feet all day long causing them to sweat up to 250ml a day. 
Tips to keep school shoes clean: 
Clean them often to get rid of dirt on the outside. 
• Using school shoes with odour prevention technology such as Micro-Fresh® this will allow them to be fresher for longer. 
• Make sure kids take their school shoes off soon as they get back from school- making sure to air them out. 
Some parents go for the option of cleaning shoes by chucking them straight into the washing machine, but the effect this has on shoes is not considered. Leather and suede shoes are not made for the washing- this causes damage to the shoes either straight away or overtime. If you purchase protected shoes in the first place, this will give you more confidence in your children’s footwear lasting longer and staying fresh. 
Back to school tips for the kids: 
• New supplies- get some new stationary to get work looking shiny. 
• Give yourself a goal for the year- something motivating you and get you going for you to pursue. 
• Having a schedule in place- allowing your time to be efficient and being more organised. 
• FUN! be fun, have some things booked, socialise, always make time outside of education. 
These few wise tips will get children in the positive mindset of what they need to get back to school. 
Author: Sonia Popat, Digital Marketing Executive 
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