Byron O.B.E the founder of Micro-Fresh® recently attended the ‘Black Business show’. This was the very first show which was held in Birmingham due to high demand, annually this show is held in London. This show consisted of exhibits, workshops interactive panels including Byron on the panel himself. The purpose of the show was for black people to showcase their achievements and contributions they have made in their business. 
Many have a skewed perception of race and colour in the real word of business and it is sad to know that black people are unrepresented in business. The Black Business Show aimed to prove that there are very successful people within the business industry who have progressed significantly to be in the position's they are in now. Enforcing on the fact that colour has no boundaries in business. 
The interactive panel on the show stage included people from different business industries who are continuing to do well in the industry such as hair beauty, fashion, home, gifting and manufacturing and more. Micro-Fresh® is an example of a successful growing business which was built on an an invisible technology to keep products fresher for longer. To get to this stage there were many hurdles and obstacles to overcome. Byron’s presence at the show focused on enabling people to grow and not give up on their dreams. Micro-Fresh® can now be found in more 500 products across 44 different countries across the world.  
Attending shows like this is great for inspiring others and finding inspiration by listening to everyone’s unique journeys whilst also being a great opportunity to network. Who doesn’t like to build great relationships, that’s what business is all about! Byron’s story of Micro-Fresh® can be found in full in the link below. The story of Micro-Fresh® at the BBS received positive feedback, regarding the growth of Micro-Fresh® and the acmoplishments that were made. This is all happened by valuing yourself and being brave about what you love. 
Overall, to achieve what you want, Byron main point of this whole show was to “Believe in yourself”. 
Author: Sonia Popat, Digital Marketing Executive 
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