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How often do you buy new school shoes for the children? Maybe they have simply grown out of them (again), or perhaps they’ve worn them for one too many games of football at break time and now they’re stinking out the shoe cupboard. Either way, longevity in your children’s school shoes is sustainable for both your bank account and the planet. We are about to give you a science lesson, and anti-microbial technology in school shoes is now an option for parents. 
But what can Micro-Fresh® guarantee? 

✅ Anti-Odour Protection 

Children are wearing school shoes for 8 hours a day, and it is inevitable that the school grounds are hotspots for bacteria. Our innovative formula prevents growth of bacteria and fungi. With no bacteria comes no odour, which reduces the need for intensive cleaning after the kids come home. Just make sure the little ones are taking their shoes off as soon as they get in and give them a quick scrub on the outside on the particularly muddy days to keep them fresh and ready for another day. 

✅ Less Landfill 

Not only does Micro-Fresh® lengthen the lifespan of school shoes by combatting bacteria, it began its life as a formula that solved the problem of mould and fungal growth on retail goods in transit. A material particularly susceptible to mould and fungal damage is leather, which is commonly used in school shoes. By integrating Micro-Fresh® technology into your life, you are decreasing the amount of leather going to waste in transit, saving cowhide and the planet, step by step. 

✅ Hand-Me-Downs/ Resale 

We all know that children’s feet grow at a rapid speed. But fear not! By purchasing shoes integrated with our technologically advanced formula for your little ones, you're guaranteeing a significantly longer lifespan for their footwear. By removing bacteria, the shoes' materials stay stronger and last longer since weakened areas caused by microbes are not an issue. Not only can these shoes then be passed on to younger siblings, but you can also donate them to a local charity shop, or with the popularity of online selling sites on the rise, you might even earn some of your money back! Invest in our formula and give your child's feet a sustainable future. 

✅ Anti-Viral Protection 

Over the past 3 years, we have definitely learned the importance of protecting ourselves and our children from viruses. When children engage in physical activity or play, their feet naturally sweat, creating a damp environment perfect for bacteria to thrive. Anti-microbial technology prevents this from happening by stopping bacteria from growing on the materials of the shoe. This, in turn, decreases the potential for health problems. It is an essential feature that keeps your child healthy by eliminating the risk of infection due to bacterial growth. 

To sum up… 

A child’s school shoes are one of the most important aspects of their school uniform. From walking around the schoolyard to running in the playground, school shoes play a key role in keeping your child comfortable and protected throughout the day. One factor to consider when purchasing school shoes is their longevity. So, when you’re doing the school supplies run over this Summer holiday, look out for our Micro-Fresh® label and purchase feeling re-assured that those shoes are made for lots of walking. Find us in: 
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