In a world where the demand for more sustainable products is at an all-time high, Micro-Fresh® continues to prioritise protecting the environment as much as possible. With Micro Silver being a key ingredient in Micro-Fresh® technology, this article will delve into the science of the unparalleled benefits of using silver in our technology. 

What are the Properties of Silver? 

For centuries, Silver has been recognised as a natural antibiotic. Understanding that Silver helped to keep spoiled food from making them ill, the Romans ate with Silver knives, forks and spoons. Today, it still sits at the core of most antimicrobial technology, serving as the most effective inhibitor of bacteria, viruses and fungi. That’s why you’ll find it in everyday products, from medical devices to clothing & footwear. 
Like gold, silver is a noble metal, and both are known equally for their low chemical reactivity. Micro Silver is safe because the particles are larger than nano particles and therefore do not absorb into the skin. Similarly, the particles do not leech out of the material and therefore it can't run off into water and affect the environment. 
Using Micro Silver specifically as an antimicrobial solution is actually a very recent innovation. In fact, it’s only been commercially available since circa 2005. During this time there’s been extensive research on Silver. There has been increasing evidence that Nano Silver can cause potential harm due to the particles being so small it can absorb into the skin. However, Micro Silver (which is what is used in Micro-Fresh® technology) continues to be lauded for being beneficial to health & wellbeing, with anti-microbial, anti-viral, anti-irritation, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. It’s safe, and has never been proven otherwise. 
The issue is compounded by a lack of education and mixed messaging which has resulted in creating a common misconception that all Silver is harmful. This blog aims to present the facts, substantiated with research-based evidence, to dispel the misinformation surrounding the application of Silver-based anti-microbial solutions in commercial products. 

Why does Micro-Fresh® Technology Contain Micro Silver? 

Micro-Fresh® Technology is a formula that is anti-microbial, anti-fungal, anti-mould, anti-odour and hypoallergenic. The technology gets implemented into textiles at the manufacturing stage to give the product these attributes and to preserve them. This prolongs the life of the product, leading to less landfill and eliminating the need for single use plastic stickers or silica gel packets - meaning Micro-Fresh® Technology is sustainable. 
Micro Silver is at the core of most anti-microbial technology, serving as the most effective inhibitor of bacteria, viruses and fungi and this is why it is a main ingredient in Micro-Fresh® Technology. 
Micro Silver is safe for both humans and the environment. Unlike lead and mercury, silver is non-toxic and poses no known health risks. Silver is used in jewellery, tooth caps and cutlery - to name a few - so, it is safe to have Micro-Fresh® Technology in your products. 

Why Should Retailers Consider Incorporating Micro-Fresh® Technology Into Their Products? 

In embracing our silver-based solution, your product will not only have superior anti-microbial protection but will also be hypoallergenic, free from plastic, sustainable and not harm the environment. 
In a world where sustainability is a key focus for most customers, it is a benefit to know that your product can offer such desirable anti-microbial features, whilst also being safe for the environment, as this will increase sales and is also just the right thing to do. 
Micro Silver remains to be a safe-to-use antibacterial solution for commercial applications. 
So, if you would like to know more about Micro-Fresh® Technology and potentially collaborate with us, please get in touch at 
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