Dare to be great
When we talk about everyday essentials, what comes to mind? How about when thinking about workout essentials? We bet none of them mentions Micro-Fresh, but they need to. 

A need, not a want 

Times are different, we are living through a pandemic and it has definitely changed the way we think about hygiene in every aspect of our being, even our workouts. It was not fussed over before Covid-19, but it should have been. Research by Tapwarehouse reveals 44% of Brits wear the same gym gear more than once, and 7% of Brits wait five or more times before washing their gym kit. 
Whilst you are probably in shock, the reality is not everyone washes their sportswear after a workout. Dr Abigail Short, a private doctor from Bark.com said, “gym clothes can harbour lots of bacteria due to sweat and because of the interaction between gym apparatus and public changing rooms.” Micro-Fresh can prevent this. 

Past the 'weight' lies 

We have asked you to wear the same sports t-shirt for 30-days and it has grossed some of you out. Little do you know; we have already seen past the white lies and know not all of you will admit to not washing your sportswear. We understand when you work out you are not thinking about hygiene because you want to get your sweat on. So let Micro-Fresh take care of that. Our technology in sportswear will make it anti-bacterial, so you will not have to worry about the bacteria in your sportswear. Not only that, with our technology sportswear will become odour free and you will stay fresher for longer. 

Our antiviral properties 

As well as providing an anti-bacterial coating, our technology will provide sportswear with an anti-viral coating, keeping you fresher and safer for longer. Micro-Fresh wants to make your workouts comfortable, fresher and safe, especially in this current climate. We want to make your workouts normal again. 
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