Dare to be great
Science says smelling good makes us more attractive. It’s why we tend to spend fifty quid on a bottle of Dior Sauvage or Lady Million. We use fragrance on certain occasions for example when we go out for a meal or on a date which is acceptable, but it should not be used before or after your workout! Yes, it is easy to reach for the bottle and drench your sportswear in your favourite scent however, this will only help you in the short term. 

The Long Haul 

This is where Micro-Fresh comes in. We are thinking about your workouts long-term and as you know, Micro-Fresh believe sportswear shouldn’t have to smell! We are putting our smart anti-microbial technology to the test and we know it will keep you fresher for longer, during and after your workout. We’re not saying stop using your favourite fragrance, just that it is not suitable during a workout if you want to smell fresh after it. “When you mix a fragrance and bad odour, you don’t know what you’re going to get but it won’t smell great,” says Byron Dixon, Chemist and CEO of Micro-Fresh. 

Don't Rule Out Deodorant 

You are probably thinking, isn’t this what deodorant is for? An antiperspirant reduces sweat, but sweating during a workout is a good thing because the body uses sweat to cool us down. So, you don’t want to overload yourself with deodorant as you want to allow the sweat process. It may surprise you that sweat is odourless. Bad odours are actually caused by bacteria which is why Micro-Fresh has you covered. Micro-Fresh is a preventive technology. This means if you buy a sports t-shirt with the technology incorporated at the manufacturing stage, this will prevent the growth of bacteria for as long as the t-shirt lasts. Deodorant and fragrances mask odours, whereas Micro-Fresh prevent that in the first place so there is nothing to mask. Our anti-bacterial technology prevents bad odour and gives off a scent of fresh linen. 
Going back to what science says, we want you to feel attractive and comfortable during your workout, which is why we have combined the serious stuff (anti-bacterial) with the sexy stuff (scent). Micro-Fresh will keep you smelling good during and after your workout for longer, what more do you need? 
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