Audits are carried out to examine the way the product is displayed in store as well as using our state-of-the-art detector pen to verify Micro-Fresh® is present on the products. This is to ensure there is a consistency of application on the products and can be easily observed by seeing the bright green laser. With analysis of the detection of Micro-Fresh® we look at the way they display us in stores. 
Our swing tags are treated with Micro-Fresh® so we see if the legitimate ones are being used for the products. Where our swing tag is not used, we look at the way our logo is represented on their swing tag, confirming the logo is the latest version. Main purpose is to be certain with factories to know if they are treating the products properly with Micro-Fresh® to confirm our brand is represented correctly.at colour has no boundaries in business. 


We visit the local stores of our retail partners. Products include ranges from homeware to footwear. The recent visit included the following stores: Matalan, Next, Deichmann, Primark and John Lewis. Some of the stores had a better level of the consistency of Micro-Fresh® than the others. Such as, application, brand display and logo. This gets thoroughly analysed and forwarded back to the product technologists to make amendments if needed. 


Carrying out these audits bring benefits to many parties, including: the retail stores, factories who treat the products, the end user, as well as Micro-Fresh® itself. 
With examining Micro-Fresh® on the product it brings validity to us and the customers who are purchasing it. Micro-Fresh® is an invisible product so customers wouldn’t exactly know if it is in there. With us checking it, the detector pen will confirm the results of the Application, so customers can be reassured they are getting what they pay for. 
Companies are notified on their audit performance, so they can contact factories to update them on how they need to apply going forward to ensure all products are treated equally with the same amount and consistency. The logo staying up to date, is important as this can have a negative impact on the store and our company as it shows there is no communication and no level of relationship to be updated with the newest materials for the products, this is easily able to be identified when reviewing. 
Audits are carried out quarterly, viewing stores in the localised area, making sure there is consistency of our brand in the stores and companies are doing it the right way making it a good example for them and for us. 
Watch the video below to see some of the shots and clips we take on our visits!! 
Author: Sonia Popat, Digital Marking Executive 
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