Fresh Thinking- World of an Antimicrobial

Can you tell us the story of Scruffs? How it began and where it is now? 

Launched in the UK in 2003, Scruffs grew rapidly to become a market-leading supplier of work safety boots. In 2004, Scruffs Workwear was launched, and now Scruffs is an award-winning workwear and safety footwear brand, offering a head-to-toe range that combines comfort, durability and value for money with great design. 

What are your most popular products? 

The Switchback 3 Safety boot, Trade Flex Trouser and the Trade Hoodie are the top three customer favourites. The Switchback boot includes Microfresh technology, which prevents the growth of mould and reduces odours. More information on these products can be found on 

Which Scruffs’ products are treated with Micro-Fresh®? 

A selection of our safety boots and trainers includes Micro-Fresh technology to help our footwear to stay fresher for longer. Going forward, we plan to continue working with Micro-Fresh to expand our range of footwear as we see the technology is a real benefit to tradies who are on their feet all day. 

What led you to incorporate Micro-Fresh® into your footwear? 

Following our research, which involved speaking to different tradespeople and looking at other products on the market, we felt that adding a technology to reduce odours would be a great benefit on top of all the other features and benefits our footwear products offer. 
We’ve been working with Micro-Fresh for around 8 years, which shows how satisfied we are with their solution. 

What are your future plans for Scruffs? 

We’re currently working on launching Scruffs into France, Germany and the Netherlands for Autumn 2022. We're growing our current range to include more womenswear, and we’re also adding more sustainable products. 
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