Dare to be great
Some settle with the fact that a workout and bad body odour come hand in hand. Well, we’re not going to let you settle with this. Micro-Fresh raises living standards and we will raise your workouts! We can’t stop sweat as it naturally occurs, but we can prevent bad body odour on your sportswear. 

A toll on self-esteem 

That bad stench after a workout can be embarrassing and it can lower self-confidence. Statistics show one in ten people feel self-conscious about working out in a public place due to bad body odour. This should not stop you from working out, but in the past, it was something that could not be helped. This has changed. Micro-Fresh understands the effect bad odour has on self-esteem, which is why it is a no brainer for Micro-Fresh technology to be incorporated in sportswear. Our technology will make sportswear odourless, anti-bacterial and fresher for longer., improving your confidence and standard of living. 

Be aware of your surroundings  

Others are not so self-conscious about their bad body odour after a workout, which also proves to be problematic. Whether you go for a run or do a home workout, you are bound to be around people. After exercising, imagine the sweat that has been produced and the stench it has given off. “In places like changing rooms there is a lot of bad odour,” says Olympic Medallist Joel Fearon. Some of you become immune to the smell because you are wearing it and some of you are aware of the smell, but choose to ignore it because you have accepted with a workout comes a bad smell. We need to take our surroundings into consideration, as this stench comes off to others and it does not create a nice environment for others to be in. 
Either way, bad body odour is a problem when working out and Micro-Fresh is the solution. You can go grab your milk or bread from the local shop on your way home from your run because Micro-Fresh has you covered and will keep you fresher for longer. 
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