Sustainable Sportswear
The sportswear market is set to be worth USD 216.87 billion by 2025. 
As you can imagine, the sportswear market is a competitive place, so how do you stand out? 
How does your brand separate itself from the rest? 
You need innovation. 
The ‘sustainable’ trend 
The world is fighting the same battle, climate change, and it is being done in every way possible. 
Now, each and every product out there is looked at for its choice of material, rate of waste or whether it is eco-friendly. 
This is looked at not just by industry experts or climate change activists, but by the driver of your company… 
Your consumer. 
The consumer is now highly critical of what they buy and how if affects the planet. 
In 2019, 66% of consumers said they consider sustainability when 
purchasing a product. 
Currently, how is your sportswear line sustainable? 
66% consider Sustainability
Innovation at your beck and call 
We can tell you how to make your sportswear sustainable, odour-free and anti-bacterial, all with one product… 
Micro-Fresh® is an anti-microbial additive. In plain English, it gives sportswear the following properties: 
Your USP on a silver platter 
Let’s focus more on the sustainable side. 
Micro-Fresh® has no negative effect on the environment. We have a commitment to sustainability, which is why we go by the motto ‘fresher for longer’. 
By incorporating Micro-Fresh® in sportswear, it means garments can be washed on cold temperatures. Looking at the bigger picture, this saves CO2 emissions and helps the fight against Government Sustainable Development Goals. 
Research has shown washing 4 out of 5 loads of washing on cold temperatures can save approximately 864 pounds of CO2 emissions a year, equivalent to driving 421 miles in a year! 
Micro-Fresh® infused products stay fresher for longer = fewer washes required. This results in a reduction in water, detergent and energy usage. 
You can make these endless claims by just incorporating Micro-Fresh® in sportswear, so before a competitor gets to us, you know what you need to do… 
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