Meet James Bowie: 

Meet our Operations Manager James! James has spent many years in the Hospitality Industry organising teams to deliver great service – This is exactly why we feel he’s a great compliment to our team. James started with us in May and has made a huge impact already! – a good one of course. 
1) What does a typical day at Micro-Fresh® look like for you? 
I tend to get in early before the team and check that all the supplies are in order – That’s not stock or orders – But milk in the fridge so the team can get their morning caffeine hit! Then I check how we’re progressing with orders, how our shipments are doing, carrying out recruitment and negotiating service level agreements with new partners. Every day has something different! 
2) What is your favourite aspect of your role? 
I’m a people person so working with our team interacting and problem solving for our clients is something I really enjoy. We have a great product range, so I’m always considering new applications, industries and clients that could benefit from our technology which is also really exciting. 
Whilst the Pandemic has been an awful experience around the world, it has put the benefits of our products; anti-bacterial and anti-viral, into sharp focus, and our clients are reacting to this. If you walk into any NEXT store in the country, you will see our name and how we’re helping keep their stores safe, giving customers confidence. 
3) Do you have a favourite Micro-Fresh® product? 
Our products are varied in their make-up and application, but as a regular runner, the concept of keeping clothing and footwear (especially fragrant running shoes!) fresher for longer, reducing the need for washing, which in turn reduces water use and the amount of detergent is a win win. 
4) Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 
I would love to see the Micro-Fresh® team move from strength to strength. We have plans to open more international offices around the world and we are seeing an unprecedented demand for our products. I am very much planning to be a part of Micro-Fresh®’s very positive future, helping to continue the fantastic growth the company has experienced. Our founder, Byron Dixon, and our CCO Jigna Varu have built a very strong foundation for the company, as a team we need to add to this and deliver continued success. 
Rachel Duncan
5 ) What is one thing that surprised you about working at Micro-Fresh®? 
How positive and accessible the Directors are. 
6) What is your productivity trick at the workplace? 
Planning. Your day starts the night before, so you don’t waste time in the morning and you’re able to come in and get going straightaway. I also have a great “productivity planner” which talks about “Pomodoros” – blocks of time for focused work broken up with short “reward” breaks to stretch your legs or get a drink to refresh yourself – really important when you have a more sedentary role. I’m also quite active outside of work, swimming and running regularly, and I eat a healthy diet to help maintain high energy levels. 
7 ) What is the biggest preconception people have of you in your workplace? 
I don’t know- You’ll have to ask them! 
Little more personal 
8) Do you enjoy any hobbies outside of work? 
I run regularly and I’ve also started swimming - occasionally in a very cold quarry called Stoney Cove. Outdoor swimming has been shown to build self-control and can have regenerative effects on your body. It’s also said to aid mental health – just don’t stay in too long! I’m also a cyclist and have ridden from London to Paris to raise money for a brilliant local charity – 2020 – which provides counselling and support for young people from challenging backgrounds. They also provide coaching to get people job ready and have a great success rate. 
I’ve started cooking more after the pandemic and I am exploring more plant-based meals as a health focus. 
9) What is your favourite thing about working at Micro-Fresh®? 
The range of products, applications, and brands that we work with and will be working with in future. There’s so many opportunities for us to help improve other companies' products. Plus, it’s a positive and friendly team! 
10) What’s your favourite TV show—the one you’re always watching on repeat? 
Brooklyn 99 – My Daughters love it, it finds a way to confront current topics with humour and positivity. 
11) If you could snap your fingers and be an expert in something what would it be? 
Oooh good question, now do I say something noble like being a Doctor or Surgeon so I could help others? Or be honest and say Grand Slalom downhill skier. 
12) If you could write a book about your life what would it be called? 
I think every person on the planet could write a book about their life and they would all be interesting reads, because everyone has such a unique journey and set of experiences that shape them. I think it’s a bit early for me to have a title but the first few chapters have been pretty good! 
13) What is one thing you’re trying to make a habit? 
Exercising twice a day. 
Fun Facts 
14) What is your favourite film? 
Delicatessen – a French film, where the local butcher is not all he seems! I love the quirky humour – it tells you a lot about how different other nationalities perspectives are. 
15) What would be your go to karaoke song? 
Angels by Robbie Williams… purely because the last time I stood up for Karaoke (a looooong time ago) that’s what I sang! 
16) If you had to swap places with someone for the day who would it be? 
Toto Wolfe – He’s the Team Principle and CEO of the Mercedes Formula One Team – I’d love to know what a day of his life looks like. 
17) What’s the top destination on your must-visit list? 
If you’re asking me for recommendations, I would say Wilson’s Promontory, Victoria, Australia. It was one of the most beautiful untouched places I had ever, the rainforest stretches for miles and it has the most stunning beaches. Where am I headed next? I would love to see Copenhagen, I’ve heard so much about the culture, food, and architecture of the city. 
18) Where’s your favourite place to eat?  
That has to be the Joiners in Bruntingthorpe – Steve and his team have written a fantastic legacy there. The Tithe Barn in Cosby does a great breakfast 
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