Its reassuring to know there's other mums out there that feel the same way as you. It makes you feel like you're not on your own. 
And I’m sure the pandemic had you asking lots of questions. Searching the internet for hours trying to find answers. 
Our Finance manager, Kiran, has 2 children, Kyan who is 10, and Sienna who is 8. Kiran reveals all about how she has juggled her career and her duties as a mum throughout the pandemic. She also shares her thoughts about her children returning back to school. 
Question: Could you start by telling us a little bit about your kids? 
Kiran: Sienna’s the bossy one, she’s always telling her brother off and she likes to do things perfectly. 
Question: Are you going to be sending your kids back to school in the new term? 
Kiran: Yes, definitely, I think they need some normality back in their lives and they missed so much of school already. 
Question: Are you worried about them going back to school and catching COVID-19? 
Kiran: Yes obviously I am worried about the cases going higher, but the school have maintained  year bubbles and we have been informed of cases at school . 
Question: Are you relieved to wave good bye to home schooling? 
Kiran: Definitely! Home schooling and working was tough! 
Question: How did you find it? Did you have any hiccups? 
Kiran: The kids were quite good. I would print off their timetables at the beginning of the week and they would complete their daily tasks. The only issues we had is when I was in a Teams meeting and they needed help with a question – their patience went out the window. 
Question: Did you find it difficult to balance working from home, teaching and being a mum? 
Kiran: Yes very! There was no clear cut, I wouldn’t come home from work and sort the kids out,  work ended up going on for longer as I was at home. 
Question: When your children go back to school are you worried about over-crowded classrooms? 
Kiran: I think the classroom sizes are all big now, our school has two classes for each year. My  children haven’t had an issue with it. I do find the kids that get on with it do get less recognition though. 
Question: And are you worried about social distancing? What are schools doing about this? 
Kiran: We have varied pick up and drop off time. So there is less crowding. Children are kept in their bubbles. Although I’m not sure if the bubbles will be maintained in September once the kids are back. 
Question: Do you thinks it’s right for schools to make it mandatory to send kids back to school and why? 
Kiran: I think it’s everyone’s personal choice. However, I feel it’s more important for children to be making friends and learning. School years are meant to be the most fun, I wouldn’t want my children to miss out. 
Question: How do your children feel about returning back to school? Are they excited or anxious? 
Kiran: My children really enjoy staying at home, but when they go back to school they’ll love it. When I pick them up they have lots of stories to tell me. I don’t think they are affected / anxious about coronavirus. I feel it’s quite difficult for them to fully understand the pandemic. 
Question: Do you think there’s been a lot of misinformation spread about how the virus spreads and risks to children amongst mums? 
Kiran: I actually don’t think we have been given enough information on how it affects children.  Currently it's mostly been aimed at adults. I know more studies are emerging on the effects on children but with the virus being so new I do not believe us parents are well informed. 
So what did you guys think? Have you had a similar experience to Kiran? Are your children nervous about returning back to school? Let us know in the comments. 
And if you're looking for some extra reassurance we’re right here for you! 
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And thank you Kiran!! 
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