Have you spent hours traipsing around the shoe aisles looking for the perfect back to school shoes? Dragging you child in toe, frantically searching the shelves and drowning in a pile of disappointment? 
Now a days it can be so difficult to find the perfect back to school shoes that tick all the boxes, affordable, comfort, functionality, long lasting and shoes your child actually wants to wear. 
Schools are also clamping down on what shoes your child can and can’t wear, and in some extreme cases wearing the wrong shoes can lead to exclusion. The high-street stores may convince you their range will pass the schools inspection but it’s not always the case. 
And of course you then have to battle the ‘but everyone else wears them’ and “they're not trainers mum” plea. 
With this in mind, we’re going to try and point you in the right direction and help you choose the best shoes for school. 
When Should I Replace my Childs Back to School Shoes? 
Shoes should last about 700 hours which is approximately 6 months, based on 5 school days a week not including holidays, according to the children’s paediatric and adolescent podiatry, little BIG feet children’s school. 
As a parent of an over 8, the podiatrist recognises that some parents struggle to justify buying their children a second pair of school shoes for the year because they wear them out before they outgrow them, and they encourage their child to carry on wearing them in order to save a bit of money.  
For parents with children under 8, the decision to purchase a second pair is easier because their children tend to outgrow their shoes and go up a size every 6 months which coincides with the time the shoes will start to wear out. 
The podiatrist emphasises that it is very important for parents to buy their child the second pair of shoes because the cost of buying a replacement pair of shoes is less than the costs you might need to fork out for podiatry or physio sessions.  
This is because once shoes have ‘worn -out’ they lose their structural integrity and can change your child’s functional positioning. 
You might also need to buy your child another pair of school shoes is because they're smell, (and it's not a good one)! Most children wear their school shoes for 7 hours, everyday, and that’s not including afterschool activities and activities outside of school! That’s a lot of time in the same pair of shoes and if your child is quite active that’s a lot of sweat! 
Check the school guidelines! 
We suggest you check the school guidelines and go over them with a fine-tooth comb. Read all of the information carefully and if it doesn’t mention trainers, it's better to be safe than sorry and presume, they are not permitted. 
The best advice we can give is if you’re not sure, think basic, all black, no logos or any styles that could be considered a trainer. 
Our Advice 
In truth, the lifecycle of your child's school shoes is down to them, it depends on how active they are, how you maintain their footwear and the type of shoes you buy. But here are some handy tips that might help. 
You definitely don’t need to break the bank, as we mentioned earlier if your child is under 8 they will generally go up a size every 6 months and if your child is over 8 their feet will grow a size every year.  
But we suggest you avoid super cheap options because they might not even last your child a term and end up costing you more in the long run. 
Pick a back to school shoe that is made from a durable material, like leather or synthetic leather. Softer materials like canvas are more likely to tear and become damaged by dirt. 
To make your child’s shoes last a little bit longer it bests to clean them thoroughly and regularly. Leather also doesn’t scuff as much! 
Rubber soles are our favourite! Rubber is more comfortable and helps the shoe last longer. Lighter, thinner options may look pretty but they won’t last anywhere near as long.  
And if any glue starts to peel back make sure you glue it back it in place to protect the seal from rain and dirt. 
Micro-Fresh ® 
Micro-Fresh ® is essential!! Micro-Fresh ® has anti-bacterial and anti-odour benefits, perfect for those smelly back to school shoes.  
We understand that sending your children back to school in the current climate is a worry, but Micro-Fresh® technology will keep your children's feet safe and fresher for longer.  
Micro-Fresh ® is anti-viral and effective against human coronavirus, reducing cross contamination between students throughout the whole day. And Micro-Fresh ® never stops working, so don’t working about scrubbing too much because it’s built into the shoes.  
Micro-Fresh ® is also totally natural, we don’t use any harsh chemicals, it is vegan, free from plastic, biodegradable and kind to all skin types! Keeping your little ones feet safer and fresher. 
Where can I buy them? 
More than 50 brands worldwide have incorporated our award-winning invisible technology into their back to school shoes including George, F&F, Tu, M&S, Aldi, Kickers, Deichmann and so many more! 
Have a look! 
Marks and Spencer's Back to School shoes incorporating Micro-Fresh® Technology 
Sainsbury’s Back to School shoes incorporating Micro-Fresh® Technology 
F&F Back to School shoes incorporating Micro-Fresh® Technology 
Next Back to School shoes incorporating Micro-Fresh® Technology 
Aldi Back to School shoes incorporating Micro-Fresh® Technology 
Kickers Back to School shoes incorporating Micro-Fresh® Technology 
Morrisons Back to School shoes incorporating Micro-Fresh® Technology 
Deichmann Back to School shoes incorporating Micro-Fresh® Technology 
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