It’s 7am and you're trying to get the kids up for their return to school... 
After screaming their names for several minutes, they finally tumble down the stairs and scramble for something to eat. After munching their breakfast, the kids throw themselves into the back of the car and off you go. As you head towards the school gates your little ones run off ahead and jump up and down in joy as they re-unite with their friends. 
Well that was the routine over a year ago... 
Now, it looks something like this: 
Remember your face mask. Don’t forget to wash your hands. Where’s your hand sanitizer? Remember to social distance. Do this. Don’t do that. 
It’s tough telling your kids to stop having fun and to remember all these rules, and it also takes a toll on you as a parent. 
The return back to ‘normality’ 
Over the past year, there has been so much uncertainty with school! From home schooling and taking on the role of the teacher, and the return to school with a bunch of new rules and regulations that even as adults we find difficult to understand. 
We know this is all common knowledge, but we want to relieve your anxieties in a truly Micro-Fresh® way! All of these changes have undoubtedly caused you and your child more anxiety about their return to school. 
With our Micro-Fresh® infused school shoes we can make your child's return to school a little bit easier and take some of the pressure off you. 
Why might your child be anxious about their return to school? 
Let’s try and understand why your child might be more anxious about their return to school this year. 
Overwhelmed with the switch from normality to a ‘new normality’ 
Confused with no physical contact with friends at school 
Turning their home space into ‘school space’ and their return to school 
After spending so much time with family your child might struggle with separation 
A mother's anxious mind 
As a mum you only want the best for your child, you want to keep them safe and protect them from everything. And after a devastating pandemic, the risk still out there and it might be a little scary for see your kids return to school. So, let’s have a closer look at some of the things that might be worrying you. 
The spread of germs and bacteria- especially when children don’t understand the situation properly! 
Scared about your child catching COVID-19! 
Worried about a vulnerable person in your household 
Worried about the safety measures in place 
Struggling with separation from your child after spending months with them 24/7! 
What can we do to help? 
As an anti-bacterial, you think ‘here we go again, another company telling us to use their hand sanitiser and wash our hands!’ 
Yes, we are an anti-bacterial, but we do not make hand sanitisers! Our anti-bacterial solution is actually incorporated into hundreds of products such as footwear and baby bedding to prevent bacteria, odours and viruses. (For more details on baby bedding with Micro-Fresh®, check out our home page). 
What does this have to do with back to school? 
All you need to do is look out for the Micro-Fresh® tag on school shoes for reassurance that your child’s school shoes won’t smell! The aim is for us to keep your back-to-school shoes fresher for longer, so as a mum or parent, there is one less thing to worry about. 
Micro-Fresh® also suitable for the most sensitive of skin. 
One for the photobook 
The first day in school is going to be so nerve wracking for both of you. So let us help you, help them and opt for Micro-Fresh® infused school shoes. Let us put a spring in their step all day long whilst keeping them fresher for longer. And no more stinky shoes! A bonus! 
So what's next for your child? 
In 2020 the Government announced £1 billion of funding to support children catch up on missed learning they have lost during lockdown. 
They have put forward a range of different strategies including: 
Summer schools 
Extra tutoring 
Extending the school year 
Longer school days 
Repeating the year 
Let us know your thoughts and any advice you are looking for, we are here to help you help the little ones, keeping you and your mind fresher for longer! 
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