The results are in!! 
We asked you: 
How often do you buy school shoes? 
According to you guys, TWICE a school year! 
If your child wore Micro-Fresh® school shoes you’d only have to buy once! 
Micro-Fresh® blocks odour preventing bacteria and stops odours in their tracks! Keeping their shoes fresher for longer! 
And they are treated for life! 
So with Micro-Fresh® we can save you money, time and energy! Perfect for your child’s 1st day of school. 
Money-Saving Back to School Tips 
Kids are finally returning back school! But it can be so expensive! 
So if you’re trying to do the back to school shopping on a budget this year, we’ve put together some money saving tips. 
What you have already 
Take a good look at your child’s wardrobe and see what they have already. Uniform essentials can be re-worn so many times and usually they’re not in that bad condition, you don’t have to buy a new one just because it’s the 1st day of school. 
Buy second hand 
This is a great way to not only save money but be sustainable. Checkout the Facebook Marketplace, local selling pages and even local charity shops when doing the back to school shopping. A lot of schools are now able to sell second hand uniform. 
Shop at supermarkets 
If your child doesn’t have to wear a uniform with a logo, then check out the uniform ranges at supermarkets. And save time by grabbing your food shop at the same time! Also if you can, grab crease free fabrics to save you time on your child’s 1st day of school.  
But we suggest you avoid super cheap options because they might not even last your child a term and end up costing you more in the long run. 
Label your child’s uniform 
I bet you can’t remember how many items of uniform your child has lost over the years. Or better still, come home with someone else’s! By labelling their uniform hopefully they can find their lost property much quicker and never lose another jumper again. Never say never though! 
Save money with a packed lunch 
Making your child a packed lunch is so much cheaper than paying for school dinners, and you can have more control over what they eat. There are so many cute and healthy packed lunch ideas on the internet. 
Save money on drinks 
Children definitely don’t drink enough water so taking a water bottle on their 1st day of school is a great habit to get your little ones into while they’re young and they can fill it up for free. If your child struggles with water think about getting them a small concentrated squash bottles, perfect for their schoolbag 
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