Smit & Zoon Launch
We are proud to announce our new partnership with the world-renowned Smit & Zoon, in response to the global demand for Micro-Fresh® antimicrobial technology in leather. 
This pivotal move comes from new research from an independent study by one of Europe’s leading Micro-biologist, Dr Katie Laird. It was found Micro-Fresh® that in addition to its proven antifungal and antibacterial function, Micro-Fresh® now offers leather anti-viral protection by inactivating coronavirus after 2 hours on leather. 
By bringing the time of COVID-19 survival rate on leather down, from up to 48 hours to 2 hours, we found this to be game-changing for safety in industries whether it is footwear, automotive or public transport. 
The history of Micro-Fresh® is a simple one, our journey began as a formulation to prevent the growth of mould on leather goods from footwear to furniture and smaller goods such as belts and wallets. 
20 years later, Micro-Fresh® stands as an established brand, and the go-to anti-microbial brand for leather. 
Micro-Fresh® in leather prevents bacteria, odours and is hypoallergenic, providing cars and aviation with long lasting cleanliness. Micro-Fresh® is also a built-in anti-mould treatment for footwear
Micro-Fresh® have chosen to collaborate with Smit & Zoon, a 7th generation family-owned business in its double centenary year having been formed in 1821 due to shared values in terms of innovation, sustainability and creating strong and sustainable values for their teams, clients and communities. 
Smit & Zoon Launch
“We believe that partnerships and collaborations are key to catalyze the process to create a socially and environmentally sustainable leather value chain. We are therefore very pleased to share and use Micro-Fresh’s technology to not only improve the quality of leather, but also the durability – an important aspect of sustainability.” 
- Hans van Haarst, CEO at SMIT & ZOON 
“This is a great partnership at such a pivotal time, especially after working with leather for over 20 years. Our heritage comes from leather, and now with our recent anti-viral research, Micro-Fresh® in leather is now available through a truly global reach with a trusted brand,” 
- Byron Dixon, CEO at MICRO-FRESH® 
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