Chutney Ivy pioneer in customer safety with Micro-Fresh® local hygiene initiative. 

Leading freshness partner and brand, Micro-Fresh® are proud to announce the launch of their new hygiene initiative. Known for their expertise in antimicrobial technology and having a background rooted in chemistry with CEO Byron Dixon OBE, they now look to support businesses as they begin to open again in the aftermath of the pandemic. 
The key goal of the initiative is for the public to regain confidence in pursuing their daily activities: food, haircuts, shopping, which may have been restricted due to the risk of infection. Coronavirus widened people’s minds when thinking about general hygiene- when someone goes into a store, they are more conscious now of what they are touching and who may have touched it before them. Bacteria and viruses have always been present in public places but were often overlooked. 
Leicester restaurant, Chutney Ivy, kicked off the scheme in June as the first restaurant to treat their surfaces with Micro-Fresh® products- offering their customers lasting protection against cross-contamination on tables, bars and in toilets. 
One unanticipated benefit to treating their bar came in the form of mould prevention. Chutney Ivy owner and manager, Shaf Islam claims that prior to treating his bar with Micro-Fresh®, they had a mould growth in their beer traps, which is a common problem in pubs and bars for those unfamiliar with the bad odours that comes from them. Once they started spraying the product onto the beer traps the mould stopped growing and the staff no longer had the tedious task of scrubbing down the traps from mould at the end of shifts. 
After receiving positive feedback from Chutney Ivy, Micro-Fresh® plan to roll out the initiative nationally. Micro-Fresh CEO, Byron Dixon OBE says, “We believe that the best way to kickstart the economy after the pandemic, is to regain the confidence of the public. By ensuring that they are safe when going about their daily business, people will begin to trust establishments and start putting money back into the communities. The Micro-Fresh hygiene initiative is our way of supporting to road back to ‘normal’ life." 
Author: Tyler Royle, Creative Lead 
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Tyler Royle 
Creative Lead, Micro-Fresh® 
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About Micro-Fresh® 
Micro-Fresh® is an award-winning invisible technology that contains natural active ingredients that blocks the growth of harmful and odour causing bacteria to keep products fresher for longer. Micro-Fresh® supports footwear, textile, hospitality, health care, sportswear, and children’s sectors globally. Its partners include adidas, John Lewis, Next, M&S, Primark, Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s and Clarks Australia. 
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