Leading UK antimicrobial technology expert Micro-Fresh® is delighted to announce a new partnership with Grahame Gardner, on the new scrubs workwear range for the health care sector. The addition of Micro-Fresh® technology to scrub tops, trousers and surgery caps will ensure that the garments protect healthcare professionals, and keep them fresher for longer. 
Sarah Lowe, Operations Director from Grahame Gardner, said “We’re so pleased to be working with Micro-Fresh® on this exclusive workwear range. These innovative garments harness leading technology to create scrubs that combine comfort with unique antimicrobial technology that is proven to kill 99.9% bacteria – even after washing! We know there is the market for them and are confident our customers wil appreciate the benefits that this garment development bring. It’s been great to build a positive working relationship with Micro-Fresh® and we look forward to that continuing in the future.” 
A key factor in Grahame Gardner’s partnership with Micro-Fresh® has been the brand’s commitment to sustainability. With a collective vision to make the world a better place, Micro-Fresh® is constantly evolving the range to produce solutions that do not have a negative affect on the environment. To that end, the current line-up is biodegradable, contains no harsh chemicals and is free from nanotechnology. 
With products used in controlled environments, Grahame Gardner uphold the highest standards of protection and hygiene. 
The Micro-Fresh’d scrubs range will ensure long lasting cleanliness and freshness, making it ideal for hospitals, vets’ practices and dental surgeries. 
Micro-Fresh® in scrubs is effective beyond 50 washes, preventing up to 99% of bacteria and reduces the risk of cross-contamination of coronavirus, this reduces the need for high temperature cleaning, allows for fewer washes, reduces carbon footprint and reduces energy consumption which makes it ideal for key workers who wear protective clothing. 
“The Micro-Fresh® team are proud to partner Grahame Gardner on the ‘Scrubs’ project. It is reassuring to know that Micro-Fresh’d scrubs are making a significant difference, protecting the health & wellbeing of much-valued medical professionals.” 
Author: Sonia Popat, Digital Marketing Executive 
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