Byron's breakthrough came when an anti-mould chemical caused thousands of people to suffer burns from new leather sofas. His innovative safe leather treatment was suddenly in demand. 
The smelly socks of his football teammates sparked another idea. If the treatment stopped fungus, why not the spread of bacteria that gives sweat its unpleasant odour? Byron used the formula on one sock but left the other untouched. After the game came the 'eureka' moment: the treated sock didn't smell. It put Byron on track to develop the now widely used Micro-Fresh® technology. 
CEO Byron Dixon
Our thinking is guided by the mantra, "Why not?". Our vision is to be recognised by brand owners and brand users, globally, as an essential ingredient to preserve and prolong the freshness of any product. 


We thrive on change. We strive to bring partners our most advanced and innovative technologies to produce oustanding results. 
Build trust  
We have built an extensive network of trusted partners, adding value to their products and improving their customers' experience. 
Commit to sustainability 
We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and global plastic pollution. We ensure our technology and processes are environmentally friendly. 
The Fresh Idea


Following a successful career in chemistry, Byron creates the winning formula that becomes Micro-Fresh®. 

2011 - Growth spurt 

Next saw the opportunity of first mover advantage for retail and incorporated Micro-Fresh® technology into footwear. 
New Innovation

2013 – New sector innovation 

After enrolment on the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses scheme, Micro-Fresh® enjoys a period of rapid growth 2014 – Retailer reality Micro-Fresh® signs its first major deal to integrate its formula into John Lewis bedding. Since then, Micro-Fresh® has been incorporated into John Lewis nursery products (2015) and bathmats (2017). 

2018-2019 – Royal recognition & Awards 

Byron is named as an OBE on the New Year’s Honours list, recognising his work in industry and innovation. Byron’s achievement is mirrored by the Micro-Fresh® brand, which is listed as One to Watch on the Sunday Times Fast Track 100, and wins International Innovative Enterprise of the Year at the Signature Awards. 
Further Recognition

2021 - Global brand partnership 

adidas golf tops were released in South Korea with new innovation. Micro-Fresh® is now providing a global giant's sportswear with antimicrobial protection. 
New Opportunity

2022 – Business Growth 

Micro-Fresh® is now in footwear, textile, hospitality, health care, sportswear, and children’s sectors globally. Our Partners include; adidas, John Lewis, Next, M&S, Primark, Tesco, Asda, Sainsburys and Clarks Australia. 



Byron Dixon OBE CEO & Founder  


James Bowie Managing Director  


Kiran Sandhu Financial Controller  


Diana Rone Sales Processing & Logistics Executive  


Maviah Rizwan Administration Assistant  

International Offices 


Salman Muthu INDIA 


Yassir Saeed Dar PAKISTAN 


Ruud Taminiau VIETNAM 

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