Micro-Fresh® Treated Stores. 

When store browsing, or making purchases, we often pick up the item and put it down and move onto the next. It’s easy to forget in the moment how much bacteria are on those surfaces. With the rising and continuous concern for hygiene in public spaces, reassurance comes from facilities management packages like the one Micro-Fresh® offer are the way popular stores like Next can ensure their customers safety. Stores, restaurants or other facilities that are treated with Micro-Fresh® can be identified by the boards as shown in the pictures below. 
Next Store image
Next Sign image
Next Furniture
Next Sofa


‘Sanitaze’, is a portable sanitising fog generator that kills viruses and bacteria in the air, while depositing a layer of Micro-Fresh® technology over every surface within an enclosed area to prevent the further spread of germs. Ideal for large areas and spaces where hygiene is paramount, this product is designed to give you peace of mind in even the most challenging times. The microscopic particles in the fog reach into awkward, hard to reach places, so you can be sure that you never miss a spot. 

Hand Sanitiser 

Within 24 hours of the Covid pandemic being announced, Micro-Fresh® was distributing sanitiser sprays for hands and surfaces to hospitals, care homes and charities. To this day, Goldman Sachs- a leading global investment firm, uses Micro-Fresh® hand sanitisers in their offices and this was one of the key factors into opening after the pandemic and getting the workforce back in the office. 
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