Micro-Fresh® began life as an innovative formula that solved the problem of fungal growth during the transit of retail goods. This reduces the risk of damaged goods saving retailers on costs of wasted materials. An example of waste would be leather, which accounts for a third of the world’s footwear revenue. 
Leather used for footwear, is especially susceptible to mould in transit as shoes are commonly manufactured in eastern regions. Products are exposed to humid conditions and this is ideal for mould to grow. No mould- No need for silica gel packets or single use plastic anti-mould stickers. 
Micro-Fresh school shoes

Benefits to the customer 

It doesn’t stop there. Micro-Fresh® benefits products through the entire lifespan- from manufacture to the customer wearing the shoes. Your feet contain approximately 250,000 sweat glands, producing around half a pint of sweat a day
It’s a common misconception that sweat causes bad odours and smelly feet. It’s actually the bacteria breaking down the molecules in the sweat that causes the unpleasant odour. Micro-Fresh® technology prevents the growth of harmful and odour-causing bacteria by up to 99.9% so shoes stay fresher for longer
School shoes are put through harsh conditions every day, and often, kids come home with stinky shoes that contaminate your entire house. On average kids go through 2-3 pairs of school shoes in a year, due to outgrowing them or wear and tear but odour is also a cause for shoes to be thrown away. Next time you step into George, Next, F&F or Sainsbury’s buying new school shoes, look out for the Micro-Fresh® logo on swing tags. Shoes with the Micro-Fresh® mark will remain odour free! 

What’s the point of having fresh shoes if your socks are still smelling? 

Micro-Fresh® technology is versatile and can be adapted to work on any material, ensuring protection against bacteria with confirmed results of long-lasting freshness. Freshness of socks is usually a problem when you have worn socks all day, whether that’s a casual stroll, workout or sitting at your desk all day. The invisible technology eliminates the need for excessive washing, reducing water and energy usage for the customer. 
Primark socks with Microfresh
Micro-Fresh® technology has been independently tested by De Montfort Univesity and the British Footwear Association. Micro-Fresh® has been proven to reduce COVID-19 survival rate on leather from 24-48 hours to 2 hours
De Montfort University
British Footwear Association
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