Ensuring safety & comfort 

Bedding products that come into contact with the skin provide the perfect environment for numerous micro-organisms to multiply, such as odour-causing bacteria. Most opt for a 60°c wash to remove them, but this damages both the environment and the bedding. Micro-Fresh® prevents the bacteria from growing on textiles by up to 99.9%, so if its domestic or industrial washing, temperatures can be reduced with the same cleansing effect. Our technology can be found in retailer’s bedding including John Lewis, Next, Dunelm and WestPoint Home. 
Micro-Fresh® is easily applied to textiles at the manufacturing stage and shows high efficacy for the lifetime of the product. 

Baby Bedding 

As we know, babies have the most sensitive skin and are easily prone to allergies. Micro-Fresh® treated baby bedding is protected against bacteria, odour and prevents allergens such as dust mites. This is ensuring your babies have a comfier sleep whilst being assured the bedding has long lasting freshness. 
Babies, tend to be messy and dirty, this can be during the day or night- meaning you would be washing the bedding frequently. Micro-Fresh® reduces the need for extensive washing and can be washed a low temperature resulting in extended lifespan of the bedding. 

Beat the Sweat 

Smell or sweat? Why have that thought when you have Micro-Fresh® 
Exercise- moderate or intensive, the one problem which will occur with this, is bad odour. Bad odour decreases moral and can have a huge effect on self-confidence putting a stop to your workout early. With Micro-Fresh® in sportswear you can continue to work out without having a limit, odour is controlled providing lasting freshness. This was tested through the ‘Beat the sweat’ campaign which was launched in 2020- A 30-day challenge of wearing the same Micro-Fresh® treated top in your daily workout routine without washing. Results proved that their t-shirts remained odour-free and fresher for longer which emphasis on how successful the campaign turned out to be! 
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