F&F Partnership 

F&F is the clothing division of the multinational retailer Tesco. They offer aspirational fashion at an affordable price range to customers in over 2,100 stores across 26 countries. F&F have a big focus on sustainability, as do many retailers in the current climate, and are part of WRAP’s Sustainable Clothing Action Plan in order to reduce their impact on the environment. While they have their minds set on reducing waste material, water consumption, carbon footprint at manufacture, we help their customers reduce their individual impact. 

Back to School with Micro-Fresh® 

The F&F school shoe range offers great value for money, adding value to their products with components such as scuff resistance and Micro-Fresh®. Micro-Fresh® has been in F&F school shoes for over five years keeping them fresher for longer. 
School shoes go through the trenches, worn 5 days a week for 6.5 hours and are exposed to all conditions, no wonder why parents are greeted by bad odours at the end of the day. Owners of F&F school shoes don’t have this problem because they are treated with Micro-Fresh® technology. 
In 2020, 54.3% of global shoe production took place in China. Goods that are manufactured and shipped from eastern countries can be exposed to humid conditions and when it comes to leather, this can cause mould growth. Micro-Fresh was originally created to prevent mould growth and protect leather goods. Retailers to this day can be reassured that their shoes won’t be damaged by mould in transit; preventing waste of material and money. 
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