adidas partnership 

For those who live under a rock, adidas are a global sportswear giant with their eyes set on being the best in the game. adidas claims on their website “through sport, we have the power to change lives” and this is something we believe in and support at Micro-Fresh® with our own vision of creating a Micro-Fresh'd World. 

adidas golf tops 

adidas moisture absorbing, lightweight golf tops are a perfect fit for long days in the sun with protective UV blocking technology. Sweating during sports is inevitable but it doesn’t have to lead to bad odours at the end of the game. Micro-Fresh® technology was incorporated into adidas golf tops in 2021 to prevent odour-causing bacteria so Golf tops stay fresher for longer. The range is only available in South Korea. 
Activewear is commonly made from synthetic materials- polyester and nylon. When washed repeatedly, these materials have been proven to release microplastics into the waterways and eventually end up in the ocean. Consumers are encouraged to wash less and wear more, which can be off-putting especially when it comes to sweaty activewear, but what if it didn’t smell. Because of Micro-Fresh®, there is no bacteria, there will be no odour and clothes will stay fresher for longer when wearing them more than once. 
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