Antimicrobials work at a cellular level to disrupt and prevent the growth of microorganisms. 
Micro-Fresh® is an international brand with offices around the globe. Micro-Fresh® can be found in more than 500 products across 44 different countries around the world. 
With the pandemic shutting down the economy in 2020, the world is increasingly conscious about how we can get life back to normal. Consumers and retailers alike are thinking,'"who's used this before me?" and cross contamination is a huge concern. Micro-Fresh® aims to bring back confidence in workforces and consumers by providing antimicrobial treatments that make your products safe. 


Yes. Micro-Fresh® has been rigorously and independently tested (SGS, Aston University and University of Leicester) and is certified by OEKO-TEX® 100 and BPR compliant (Biocidal Products Regulation). Micro-Fresh® is hypoallergenic and suitable for even the most sensitive of skin, including babies. 
Micro-Fresh uses natural ingredients and has no negative effects on the environment. As an organisation and as people, we are committed to reducing our 
carbon footprint and global plastic pollution. By always evolving our technology we continue to take significant steps towards fulfilling our commitment. 
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Micro-Fresh is ZDHC Certified meaning it is free of restricted substances and does no contain any hazardous chemicals. 
No. Micro-Fresh® has never been tested on animals and is vegan friendly. 


Micro-Fresh is a smart antimicrobial technology that contains natural active ingredients to block the growth and spread of pathogenic and odour-causing bacteria. 
For a more in depth explanation visit our How It Works page. 
When incorporated into textiles and plastics, Micro-Fresh lasts for the life of the product. 
No. Micro-Fresh is not a disinfectant or fungicide, it is a treatment that prevents the growth and cross-contamination of microbials on products.  
Micro-Fresh can be easily incoporated into the product at the manufacturing process.  
We add a tracer ingredient for quality assurance and verification purposes, which is identified using our state-of-the-art detector pen. This ensures every product is fully protected and bacteria resistant. 
Micro-Fresh has been independently tested and has proven efficacy against bacteria, fungi and viruses. While we cannot disclose external results due to confidentiality agreements, our own test certificates are available upon request. 
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Micro-Fresh has been tested and does not affect colour, finish, fabrics, adhesives or metal components. However we always advise the factory to conduct their own test to satisfy themselves that it works on their products. 
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