Primark Socks. 

Primark is the number one retailer in the UK who have 400 stores in 14 countries who are continuing to grow. Primark’s department’s range from essentials, clothing, homeware and beauty and more, their vision being “make more sustainable fashion affordable for everyone” with the incorporation of Micro-Fresh® Technology this cooperates with their vision. 
Primark sports socks are designed to enhance a workout whilst ensuring there is comfort during your session, making them perfect for anytime of workout activity. The incorporation of Micro-Fresh® technology was launched in 2021 which was to prevent bacteria growth by up to 99.9%. 
We all know when we do workouts, feet tend to get sweaty and smelly which means more washes and a limit to how long you can work out for. The purpose of this technology is to prevent odour so even post workouts feet and socks continue to be fresher for longer protecting the environment by having to do fewer washes on low temperatures. 
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