Schroth partnership 

Schroth are a company that engineers safety restraints for everything from aerospace to racing. Their website claims “When the difference between good and great means life or death for passengers" and that’s why it’s vital to keep an eye out for opportunities to improve. They are always innovating their products to keep people safe, so what better fit than to incorporate Micro-Fresh? 

Fly safe with Micro-Fresh® 

The Model 19 Airlite lap belts from Schroth are designed to be lightweight and comfortable without compromising on safety. 70 grams of weight savings per seatbelt have a real impact of fuel efficiency and reduces the carbon footprint of flights. Seatbelts have been proven to accumulate up to 230 CFU per square inch (bacteria colony-forming units). With the COVID pandemic everything shut down, so concerns over cross-contamination of viruses and bacteria were top priority before opening airlines to the world again. 
Schroth uses Micro-Fresh technology in the seatbelts to offer airlines and passengers fresher flights and protect them from pathogens. Micro-Fresh prevents the growth of up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses including coronavirus. 
Schroth at the Aircraft Interiors expo, Hamburg 2022 
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